An Amazon S3-compatible object storage server that lets you build and integrate your apps faster and store your data anywhere.

Install, Dev, Store Everything.

Build and integrate S3-based applications faster, and store your data anywhere. CloudServer (formerly S3 Server) is an open-source object storage project to enable on-premises S3-based application development and data deployment choice.

“Zenko gave NodeWeaver a set of fundamental capabilities – complete AWS S3 compatibility, object storage replication, load balancing – in a way that is simple, consistent and reliable.”

Carlo Daffara
CEO at NodeWeaver

Providing a single AWS S3 API set and 360° access to any cloud. Developers want to have an abstraction layer allowing them the freedom to use any cloud at any time.

Zenko provides a single unifying interface using the Amazon S3 API, supporting multi-cloud backend data storage both on-premises and in the Amazon S3 public cloud as well as other services, including: Available now for Amazon S3, Scality RING and Docker. Coming soon for other cloud platforms.

Free and Open

Zenko CloudServer is an Open Source project provided under the Apache License. Available on Github and Docker pull.

Simple to Deploy

Zenko CloudServer is written in Node.js and can be deployed in a Docker container. It is designed to allow you to go from start to deployment complete in a matter of minutes.

Develop in the Language of Your Choice

A full set of AWS S3 language-specific bindings and wrappers, including Software Development Kits (SDKs).

Ready-to-run Amazon S3 Applications

Amazon S3 has become the de-facto standard for Object Storage and many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are already supporting it. There are many Amazon S3-based applications available for use including applications for backup, archiving and collaboration.

“We are convinced that this server software will be used by the creative community in many ways that we did not envision, and which in turn will develop the value and accessibility of object storage.”

Giorgio Regni
Founder & CTO at Scality

Your data always accessible directly in any cloud

Offering more freedom?

Most tools available today apply some sort of a post-treatment to data when putting it to the cloud. It might be compression, splitting it into multiple parts, or simply adding metadata straight into it. Regardless of the post-treatment, once applied, the only tool you’ll be able to use to read your data is the tool you used to put it, which is frustrating when you use multiple clouds.

Zenko solves that problem for you by uploading your raw data to the cloud you choose. No need to download a copy anymore to be able to read your object: simply compute and read from any cloud browser!

Your Application

CloudServer: Taking Scality S3 Server to the Next Level

Public cloud leaders strive to establish monopolies that lock-in access to information and remove choice.

“With the S3 Server we now have a simple way to help develop applications that work with S3 and object storage, which will give us more business and deployment flexibility.”

Stef Van Dessel
Chief Engineer at Telenet

In June 2016 we released Scality S3 Server, our open source version of the S3 API, giving developers the freedom to build S3 apps and run them either on-premises, in the AWS public cloud, or both — with no code changes.

One year and 600,000 S3 Server pulls later, we’re building on this tremendous success with another leap forward. Because when it comes to cloud computing, there’s no such thing as too much freedom of choice.

Scality S3 Server is now CloudServer — the core of Zenko, our new open-source multi-cloud data controller. With CloudServer, developers gain a single unifying API and access layer for data wherever it’s stored: on-premises or in the public cloud with AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.

About the Zenko CloudServer Community

Zenko CloudServer is an Open Source project available through GitHub and Docker. It is available under the Apache license and is free for use in any applications of your choice.

Community members are free to modify, enhance and adapt the source code to their own needs. The community is a learning community for developers and frequently sponsors meetups and hackathons.

Build and integrate S3-based applications faster, and store your data anywhere. CloudServer, formerly Scality S3 Server, is an open-source object storage project to enable on-premises S3-based application development and data deployment choice.

“With Zenko, Scality makes it even easier for enterprises of all sizes to quickly and cost-effectively deploy thousands of apps within the Microsoft Azure Cloud and leverage its many advanced services.”

Jurgen Willis
Head of Product for Azure Object Storage at Microsoft Corp.