“I’d like to warmly welcome you to the Zenko hub. So go ahead—take Zenko for a spin! We look forward to your feedback”.

Giorgio Regni
Founder & CTO at Scality

Meet the Zenko team

Interested in becoming a full-time Zenko? Learn more about the sweet life at our offices by exploring our career openings.

As in most open-source projects, our contributors are a mix of Scality employees and open-source geniuses, working hand in hand to make Zenko happen.


The Ecosystem that Takes You Everywhere You Want to Go.

Scality Zenko Multi-Cloud Controller. Build Once, Deploy Anywhere.

A single platform. Multiple clouds. Millions of users.

With Zenko, a single development cycle gives you access to customers across storage clouds, public and private — on-premises, AWS S3, Azure Blog Storage, Google Cloud Storage coming soon, and many more to follow.

Data Storage Backend Plugins

  • Integration of NAS filers
  • Other public clouds: Oracle, Backblaze and OpenStack based

Data Management & Mobility Plugins

  • Migration
  • Compliance

Search Plugins

  • Data analytics
  • eDiscovery for legal documents
  • GDPR discovery (find data that is not compliant)

Who Puts the Zen in Zenko?

Scality: World leader in object and cloud storage.

Pioneer of the multi-petabyte cloud, with massive and affordable scalability,100% availability, 14 nines of data durability, and multi-site options. All of which have earned us 500 million users and leadership recognition in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

Meet Scality’s Customers …and Yours.

Are you a systems integrator? VAR? Solo developer? Come one, come all: that’s what open source is about! Build your cloud applications on Zenko, and Scality can back you up with marketing materials, business opportunities with our customers, and more.

More than 750.000


We Started with S3 Server. But We Didn’t Stop There.

In June 2016 we debuted Scality S3 Server, our open-source version of the Amazon S3 SPI, so coders could build apps to run on-premises or on AWS S3, or both — with no rewrites. One year and 750,000 developer downloads later, Scality Zenko takes this open-source freedom to a new level: one and done. Develop once and deploy across all clouds. Period.