What is Multi-Cloud?

Multi-cloud (or multicloud) is the use of multiple cloud computing services in a single architecture.

Scality’s vision of multi-cloud acknowledges that the enterprise world is application centric and that each application has its own infrastructure requirements that will evolve over time. It’s natural therefore to have the freedom to leverage multiple, different cloud infrastructures.

Multi-cloud applies both to private clouds and public clouds, since customers will manage storage locally in their own data centers, but will also need to use the cloud to leverage the native services they offer. This requires data mobility between clouds, whether private or public cloud services.

Multi-cloud also includes the notion of freedom, to avoid being locked into a specific cloud platform whether it’s public or private.

True freedom and data mobility can only arise if different cloud platforms uses the same communication protocols and share a common set of abstractions (APIs) to describe containers, objects, metadata and authentication credentials.

Zenko is focused on delivering this multi-cloud capability through a unified AWS S3 API based data services with data management and federated search capabilities to enable the next wave of enterprise applications.